The Perfect Squeeze Page.

You know I do a shed load of split tests right?

It becomes addictive (yeah even though it sucks at first lol),

Anyways this isn’t about doing split tests… it’s about some results that you can benefit from knowing.

Screw the data – this is just the usable stuff…

I won’t bore you with actual percentages and conversion rates, if you were turned on by that stuff you’d be doing your own tests and not interested in mine 😀

In a moment of cockyness I named this “The Perfect Squeeze Page.”

But the truth is the perfect squeeze page will be vastly different based on niche, the demographic you’re going for, the ad medium, where we are in time and space and what you’re using to drive the traffic to the page in the first place.

But that said, this is what I think is CURRENTLY think is “The Perfect Squeeze Page for certain niches dependant on the traffic method and some other variables”

See that is no where near as catchy is it?

But it is the truth…

And the best thing is these pages are a LOT easier to create that traditional landing pages.

But let’s give you the variables so you could apply this yourself.

1) I’ve tested in a whole bunch of niches.  The ones this worked in were: MMO, sales and persuasion, Affiliate Marketing within the IM bubble, hypnosis and weight loss for men (this flopped with a female audience in weight loss), PLR, certain embarrassing health niches.

2) This style is pretty useless when using Facebook Ads, even if you get one approved it just does not convert well in my experience. But note: Facebook Ads is not the same as group posting and sharing organically.

3) This is working RIGHT NOW.  How long these things remain fully effective depends on many variables. As with all marketing, test and track yourself and keep an eye on the conversion rates over time.  Just because something converts at 46% this month doesn’t mean it will be doing the same in 3 months time.

Side Note:  Did you think I was being all weird and new age on you when I mentioned where we are in space time?  I wasn’t – it just means depending on current trends, etc.  The perfect page in 2001 wouldn’t work today.

So what is the page?

  1. Out of focus abstract image as a full page background.
  2. White box in the top centre of the page (just top on mobile).
  3. (Optional) Short and punchy pre-headline.
  4. Bold headline in that box, strong font, making a very specific promise.
  5. Clear call to action above button
  6. Long button, full width of the box with something like “Download Now”, “Claim My _____”.

The button pops up a form asking for their email.  The text reads something like “Please send the full details to:”, then an email box, a GDPR tickbox (which I set so they cannot submit unless they tick it) and a button with “GO” on it.

The great thing about this is you can even make it double opt-in and still get amazing conversions.

Would a free training video help?

When I emailed this to my list loads of them responded saying they’d love some video training on this so it will be done in the next few days.

If you want to see it – make sure you are subscribed!

How all those social media “type info if you wanna know more” guys could triple their income with this…

One way a lot of guys generate traffic to affiliate offers is to build a friends list of “prospects” and then do those posts where they say something like “Who else wants the secret to making a bazillion dollars in 8 seconds without doing any work?” and “type infobimbo below if you do…”

I hate it, but it works.

But here’s the thing…

Imagine if instead of PM’ing them your affiliate link you sent them to a little landing page that took you 20 minutes to put together.

Now you are making commissions and building a list!

Now take that one step further…

Drop a simple 7 day follow up sequence in the list you are building.  Simple stuff, just asking if they checked it out yet, etc.  You will be AMAZED at how many extra sales you make.

And you have a list now!

Next time you have something to tell them about you can go direct to their inbox.

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