The bullshit reasons you give yourself to justify why you’re not making a decent online income…

What do the following statements have in common?

“I don’t have anything to sell”

“I don’t know how to pick a niche”

“No one knows me and I have no qualifications”

“I’m not an expert at anything”

They are bullshit excuses that people give me all the time as to why they can’t generate a full time income on the internet.

What’s more, they’re all excuses that you can bust so easily and many of you have been discovering exactly that in my new“Work Smarter” series that I’ve been publishing on Gumroad (and soon on Kindle but not for free)…

So far we’ve examined;

  • How to become an “Instant expert” and Authority in ANY NICHE.
  • How to write and publish a book or report in 90 minutes or less. (Yes, REALLY!)
  • More Hot selling, in-demand product ideas you can create FAST! Plus How to Create Stuff Your Audience WANTS and will gladly Pay You For!

Loads of you have been inspired by the ‘reporter’ concept that’s explained in the first of the series (still available for free, just enter 0 when it asks what you want to pay)

With the reporter method you don’t have to be the expert, but in using this method you automatically become considered one!

A reporter simply writes and creates content that observe what other people are doing.

Last week, two of the products I told you were worth a look were BOTH written using this method.

Those of you who grabbed the most excellent report from PJ Coleman, will know that it’s dynamite content, worth every penny, and yet…

He is just reporting!

In fact most of the reports he has written and sold didn’t involve him actually doing the thing he’s writing about!

In other words, instead of taking all the time needed to test the method, what he has done is observed that it was working, and then found lots of people who were doing the same kind of thing.

Then he observed all the things they were doing that they had in common and combined with his existing knowledge of sales and marketing, was easily able to “reverse engineer” the entire process.

And by writing up his findings. Even before he did it himself…

He had a product that people, will pay good money for.

In fact, people are publicly thanking him for putting the content out.

If you didn’t grab that and want to check it out  You can find it here:

Another superb example is the gem packed report that James Renouf released...

Once again, he is doing nothing but reporting and adding his own thoughts and opinions.

While I highly recommend you check out one or both of those examples, that isn’t the purpose of this post…

The purpose is to INSPIRE you and help you realise that all those reasons for not earning online are just EXCUSES.

And if you have already grabbed the first two Work Smarter reports…

The third one is now available for download!

This time we examine ways to rapidly create content that YOU KNOW WILL SELL.

These techniques take the guess work out of product creation and help you decide what to create and how to get it done super-fast.

Packed with real life examples like:

  • The guy who repeatedly sells 5 page cheat sheets for $50 each and has people lining up to buy them.
  • Andie’s super simple one page cheat sheet formula (hint: it’s not actually one page!)
  • How to make a checklist with virtually no effort and in no time flat.
  • 20+ Checklist templates you can model/copy and use as a basis for your own.
  • How to brainstorm a bucket load of idea FAST.
  • How to create something BETTER than your competition, but in so little time you’ll probably feel guilty (but you’ll live with it!)
  • Two ways to quickly test the market before you create anything significant.
  • Seven tips for making your product or offer UNIQUE, even if it isn’t!

You can download your copy here: