How to Create the Perfect Sales Letter That Sells Like Crazy and Makes the Prospect Want You Now!

Writing to sell is not all twinkle and fairy dust.

It’s an extremely important, and very learnable skill, which helps you sell your crafts over, whether you go about the process consciously, or through sheer trial and error, you’ll find that you’ll be able to speak to prospective buyers far more comfortably, both in person and via email, when you are selling via the internet. 

You don’t necessarily have to be a great copywriter (although having a great grasp of language is definitely useful), but you do need to be able to make persuasive copy that not only sells itself, but also persuades the buyer into doing business with you. You can do this by using various writing formats, including marketing letter writing, business proposal writing, article writing, blog writing, and even just plain old email writing. 

The trick is knowing how to use words that sell!

The best copywriting tools are those that take the hard work out of actually writing...

The most effective copywriting programs allow you to simply type in a piece of text and then allow you to customize a number of different formulas, which then guide your reader on the path from click to sale. 

If you study the language and copywriting templates used by successful direct marketers, you’ll quickly see that these formulas are essentially the same things they say: “The words that sell are those that make the prospect want you.” In other words, the formulas allow you to “sell” by building the relationship and then selling them on your offer.

These formulas are extremely powerful for generating sales copy, but...

Writing “copy” is only the first step – after that, you have to be able to communicate with your readers on an emotional level. After all, the reason you came up with the formulas in the first place was because you wanted to connect with your readers on a human level. 

To do this, you need to tell the reader what you believe in, why it’s important to follow your example, or what the biggest problem is for your prospective client. By putting emotion into the copywriting, you not only make it easier to write, but you also make it easier for the prospect to relate to you and your business in a personal way.

One particular formula you may find helpful is called the Hershey kiss... 

The Hershey kiss is a phrase that goes something like:

“You’ve clicked onto my page. Would you like to learn more about me and what I’m passionate about?” Then, the phrase “I love sharing my excitement with others” is followed by an action – such as sharing a meal or sharing some news...

The idea is to create the sense that the reader must act. For example, if the headline says, “Your Solutions Are the Answers You Have Been Searching For,” the next sentence should be “so that you can start to solve your problems and build your future.”

The best techniques include a personal touch and create an ideal customer. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing to sell widgets, services, or your own product. The best way to create a sense of urgency is to personalize your copywriting. 

Every single time you make a sale, tell your potential customer how and where they can contact you. Every single time you follow up with a prospect after a sale, tell them how you can help them.

Writing to sell is all about putting a personal spin on copywriting. If you can do that, you will always have clients who want to hear more about you, want to be like you, want to act like you. You’ll never be another Joe Normal, but you can be the next Joe Bang! 

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